Tag Antibodies & TR-Fret Reagents

Epitope tag antibodies are highly specific monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies with the most common dye and enzyme conjugates used by researchers. Epitope tags are used frequently with recombinant protein cell cultures to allow researchers to selectively extract a target protein from the endogenous samples. ImmunoReagents tag antibodies can serve as a universal detection method in for many applications.

TR-FRET can be accomplished with a variety of fluorophore combinations, but lanthanide metals are more useful. The biological fluids or serum commonly used in research applications contain many compounds and proteins which are naturally fluorescent. Therefore, the use of conventional, steady-state fluorescence measurement presents serious limitations in assay sensitivity. Fluorophores, such as lanthanides, combined with time-resolved detection (a delay between excitation and emission detection) minimizes prompt fluorescence interference. ImmunoReagents offers TR-Fret Reagents to conduct TR-Fret assays.


Name Price
Mouse anti-c-myc IgG, 9E10 epitope, primary antibody, conjugated to Biotin
Biotin (NHS-LC)
Mouse anti-c-myc IgG, 9E10 epitope, primary antibody, conjugated to Europium 1024, 50ug
Mouse anti-c-myc, 9E10 epitope , primary antibody, conjugated to DyLight® 650, 100ug
TR-FRET Detection Buffer for Europium Labeled Antibodies

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