WBRZ: Louisiana native working in fight against coronavirus as antibody manufacturer

Wednesday, May 13th, 2020

ImmunoReagents and Vice President & CSO Dr. Tee Bordelon have been recognized in an article from WBRZ Louisiana for their efforts in aiding with Coronavirus research.

"A simple blood test can determine if you've been exposed to the coronavirus and if you've developed antibodies. Tee Bordelon, a Broadmoor High School and LSU graduate, is now the Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer at ImmunoReagents, Inc in Raleigh, NC. Bordelon and his team have been working over the last two months to supply diagnostic companies throughout the country on critical antibodies needed and being used in the fight against COVID-19.

"The more information you have, the better we are for it," Bordelon said. "I think it'll give some confidence to the public whether or not you've had it or have not. Some people are symptomatic, some are asymptomatic."

Antibodies can be detected two weeks after symptoms start, or in people who have been asymptomatic to the virus.

"As you get further away from infection, your IgM levels go down and your IgG levels go up. And that's the sort of thing people are looking at to gauge how long it's been since you've been infected," Bordelon said.

Bordelon says the antibody testing is important now, especially as more people head back to work and more businesses reopen. 

There are a number of locations in the Baton Rouge area that are offering antibody testing."


Source: https://www.wbrz.com/news/louisiana-native-working-in-fight-against-coronavirus-as-antibody-manufacturer/



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