ImmunoReagents, Inc. Releases LigaTrap™ IgM Purification Resin and Kit

Thursday, April 20th, 2017

March 31, 2017 RALEIGH, NC, USA –ImmunoReagents, Inc. is excited to add Human IgM Purification Resin and Kits to its portfolio of LigaTrap™ purification products.

ImmunoReagents, Inc. Releases LigaTrap™ IgM Purification Resin and Kit

March 31, 2017

RALEIGH, NC, USA –ImmunoReagents, Inc. is excited to add Human IgM Purification Resin and Kits to its portfolio of LigaTrap™ purification products.

IgM monoclonal antibodies are offering increased promise in their use as potential therapeutic agents, as well as for research and diagnostic applications. Current IgM antibody purification methods are challenging, time consuming, and often give unreliable results, and are therefore inadequate. LigaTrap’s™ Human IgM Purification Resin was designed to address many of these shortfalls seen with standard affinity ligands. LigaTrap’s™ Human IgM Purification Resin provides high quality, unsurpassed yields, along with ease of use. The LigaTrap™ Human IgM Purification Resin has proven superior to all other products currently on the market for purification of monoclonal human IgM.

When asked about the new resin, LigaTrap™ Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Tee Bordelon responded: “IgM is a rapidly emerging candidate for therapeutic applications. Unfortunately, there are currently no proven platforms for IgM purification like there are for other immunoglobulins such as IgG, that are well covered by Protein A and Protein G.  We, at LigaTrap Technologies, are working at the forefront of this problem, and have developed novel ligands that bind IgM and address this issue head on. We believe this technology will rapidly expedite the discovery phase of IgM therapeutics and will certainly facilitate ongoing IgM research. In addition to IgM, we are aggressively pursuing ligands for other immunoglobulins that do not bind traditional Protein A/G resins as well as other unique proteins of interest.”


LigaTrap™ IgM Purification Resin is sold in loose resin or kit format.  The LigaTrap™ IgM Purification Kit provides 10 spin columns containing IgM Purification resin and all chromatographic buffers in a convenient and easy-to-use kit. Simply prepare the sample, add to resin, mix, and centrifuge. The purification protocol provides fast recovery of pure antibodies for screening in your end-use assay. Multiple samples can be processed simultaneously, thereby increasing the throughput of your antibody screening process. With each spin column, capable of up to 10 reuses, a single purification kit can provide over 100 purifications, making the LigaTrap™ IgM Purification Kit a cost-effective solution to IgM purification.




About ImmunoReagents, Inc.

ImmunoReagents, Inc. is a leading global manufacturer of quality antibodies and reagents used in pharmaceutical research, life science research and in vitro diagnostics. Product offerings include a wide range of immunochemistry reagents such as purified immunoglobulinsprimary antibodies, and secondary antibodies covering a broad spectrum of immunoglobulins from various species. ImmunoReagents also provides custom manufacturing to meet specific customer requirements while adhering to cGMP guidelines and ISO quality systems requirements. The company is located in Raleigh, North Carolina

About LigaTrap™ Technologies, LLC

LigaTrap™ Technologies is a privately held biotechnology company with its corporate office located in Baton Rouge, LA and its operations facility located in Raleigh, North Carolina.  LigaTrap™ Technologies is dedicated to improving antibody purification technologies, especially those antibodies difficult to purify using current technologies.  Our ultimate goal is to generate high purity antibodies with high binding activity.  For product information contact Dr. Tee Bordelon (CSO) at [email protected] or investment opportunities please contact Dr. Michael Crapanzano (CEO) at [email protected]

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