ImmunoReagents and Shenandoah Biotechnology Announce Corporate Alliance and New Product Launch

Thursday, April 30th, 2015

RALEIGH, NC, USA – April 28, 2015 – Leading Life Science Reagent Manufacturer ImmunoReagents joins forces with Shenandoah Biotechnology, the industry’s leading manufacturing of recombinant proteins.

“New proteins are being identified every day by research labs around the world. To determine the significance of these proteins, the researchers need the proper tools,” said Dr. Ann Black. “That is why our relationship with Shenandoah Biotechnology is so important. We are now able to provide precise antibody tools needed to support ongoing, cutting edge research. Working with Shenandoah Biotech, ImmunoReagents will continue to expand our line of primary research antibodies for use in a variety of Immunoassay formats.”

Pamela De Lacy at Shenandoah talks about the partnership, "Shenandoah is discontinuing our antibody line of products because we want to be able to solely focus on what we excel at--world class recombinant proteins. By transferring our antibody product line to ImmunoReagents Inc, we can focus exclusively on bringing new high quality recombinant proteins to the research market while expanding ImmunoReagents offerings of high quality antibodies. Working together to expand a complete line of antigens, antibodies and ELISA kits in future collaborative projects, the partnership will benefit our customers by providing all of the tools a scientist needs to paint a complete scientific picture."

About ImmunoReagents, Inc.

ImmunoReagents, Inc. is a leading global manufacturer of quality antibodies and reagents used in pharmaceutical research, life science research and in vitro diagnostics. Product offerings include a wide range of immunochemistry reagents such as purified immunoglobulinsprimary antibodies, and secondary antibodies covering a broad spectrum of immunoglobulins from various species. ImmunoReagents also provides custom manufacturing to meet specific customer requirements while adhering to cGMP guidelines and ISO quality systems requirements. The company is located in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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About Shenandoah Inc.

Shenandoah specializes in the manufacturing of recombinant proteins from E.coli. Our catalog of products is focused on proteins used as cytokines, chemokines and growth factors used in a wide variety of research applications and cell culture systems. We are dedicated to providing cytokines for all areas of research including cancer, stem cell biology, immunology, developmental biology and many others. In addition to our catalog, we provide custom services that include inclusion body protein folding and purification, custom protein expression, and bulk (milligrams to grams) protein production. Shenandoah is proud to be a small American business that aims to put scientists first. We like to think of ourselves as 'Your Mom and Pop Protein Shop' and feel that our customer service and personal attention reflect that sentiment.

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