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Product Spotlight: ELISA & Western Blot Reagents

ImmunoReagents' products are used widely in ELISA and Western Blot applications. Each product undergoes rigorous quality control testing to ensure superior performance. Our vast line of high quality conjugated secondary antibodies, normal serums, purified immunoglobulins, and buffers are ideal for your immunoassay needs.


Streptavidin Alkaline Phosphatase - Ba-103-ALP

Streptavidin (HRP Conjugate) - Ba-103-HRPX

Goat Anti-Rabbit IgG (HRP Conjugate) - GtxRb-003-DHRPX

Goat Anti-Mouse IgG (HRP Conjugate) - GtxMu-003-DHRPX

Goat Anti-Human IgG (HRP Conjugate) - GtxHu-003-DHRPX

Goat Anti-Rat IgG - GtxRt-003-EBIO

ELISA Coating Buffer - CB-1

Serum Diluent Buffer - BU-117-FP



New Products Introductions: Biotin Conjugates

Biotinylated purified immunoglobulins are excellent control antibodies that can be utilized to measure the level of nonspecific background binding of primary antibodies to the tissues or cells. Non-specific binding is often the result of immunoglobulins binding to Fc receptors present cell surfaces. ImmunoReagents’ isotype controls are commonly used in flow cytometry, immunohistochemistry, Western Blotting, and ELISA’s


Bovine IgG (Biotin Conjugate) - Bo-003-CBIO

Goat IgG (Biotin Conjugate) - Gt-003-ZBIO

Human IgG (Biotin Conjugate) - Hu-003-CBIO

Mouse IgG (Biotin Conjugate) - Mu-003-CBIO

Rat IgG (Biotin Conjugate) - Rt-003-ZBIO

Rabbit IgG (Biotin Conjugate) - Rb-003-CBIO

Guinea Pig IgG (Biotin Conjugate) - Gp-003-CBIO

Hamster IgG (Biotin Conjugate) - Ha-003-ZBIO

Horse IgG (Biotin Conjugate) - Hr-003-CBIO

Sheep IgG (Biotin Conjugate) - Sh-003-CBIO


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