ImmunoReagents and ProteoVec Transform Antibody Purification with Kit Announcement

News Release, Monday, April 20, 2015, 08:30 AM Eastern Daylight Time

RALEIGH, NC, USA – April 20, 2015 – Leading Life Science Reagent Manufacturer ImmunoReagents joins forces with Bioseparations Technology Innovator ProteoVec to transform antibody purification.  As part of a strategic corporate alliance, the two companies announce commercial availability of the first of a series of PV-Pure Ig™ microscale antibody purification kits for use by researchers in the diagnostics, academic, pharmaceutical and life-science fields. 


Secondary Antibodies

Secondary Antibodies

Offering a broad spectrum of Secondary Antibodies

from various species, cross-adsorbed to provide

high specificity. Reagents provided are utilized in

immunoassays such as ELISA, immunohistochemistry,

Western blotting, flow cytometry, and 

immunofluorescence microscopy.

Bulk Reagents

Bulk Reagents

For decades ImmunoReagents has been a critical

raw material supplier to the Diagnostic and Life

Sciences industries. Products include antigens, 

affinity purified primary and secondary antibodies,

as well as normal serums and purified

immunoglobulins for immunoassay production.


Antibody Purification Resin

Purification Resins

Our AffinityPrep resins are prepared using highly

purified species-specific immunoglobulins. All

immunoglobulins show a single arc when tested

against normal serum proteins by IEP covalently

bound to a 4% agarose bead.

ELISA Reagents

ELISA Reagents

ImmunoReagents' complete line of ELISA reagents

includes conjugated secondary antibodies, detection

reagents, substrates and associated products.

Normal Serum

Normal Serums

ImmunoReagents' normal serum is used as a

blocking agent or as a control for immunoassays.

All serum is obtained from healthy, disease free

animals. Serum is lipid extracted and buffer

exchanged against phosphate buffer.

Western Blot Reagents

Western Blot Reagents

In collaboration with ImmunO4, our complete

line of Western blotting reagents include

substrates, primary antibodies, secondary

antibodies, normal serum and immunoglobulins

for the reduction of background.